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Laureata madrelingua russa impetisce le lezioni della lingua russa on line

Hi there. My name is Anastasiia. I am a native Russian speaker who has lived in Milan for over six years now.
Over the past few years, I was fortunate to continue my education in the sphere of tourism and obtain Double Master's Degree in Italy. I have also experienced a new culture and a new way of life. Living abroad I completely understand how tough it is to learn a foreign language and how frustrating it can be not to be understood.
Over the time I understood that Russian becomes difficult for foreigners because textbooks overcomplicate it or the teachers do it. They make you learn so much new grammar, so many rules. Was it succesful? Could you speak Russian quickly and automatically? I know for most students the answer "no".
That's why I use the deep learning and communicative approaches as the most effective method. Our goal will be to make you be able to use Russian both fluently and accurately. We will learn Russian naturally and playfully like children. We will study Russian grammar correctly with the ears and with fun stories. We will build your basic grammar skills and increase the vocabulary by listening to real Russian materials about interesting topics. We will learn Russian frases, not individual words. Later you can talk about day-to-day life, express feelings, opinion about various subjects and so on.
I absolutely know what you feel and what you wish. I promise you will enjoy speaking Russian with me and you will feel more confident.
Let`s get started!
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