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Specialised english lessons Italiano per stranieri

I have been working as a private teacher for 17 years
My professional developement is fundamental and I never stop.
I attended several seminars, workshop and courses from online platformes, universities and institutions and I always do.

My classes are tailor-made, well structured and effective.
I have an inclusive and understanding approach so that your previous learning and background is valued. I want to create a protective space, a welcoming environment where it is possible to learn or to improve language and culture. I am very supportive and motivating. During my classes I encourage risk-taking and I really take part with enthusiasm to the steps and results of my students. During my lessons, I cover all the language skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading
I have lots of experience with different levels: I taught from beginner (that could only say 'ciao') to advanced learners preparing CELI 5 or ILETS I also have a lot of resources (including general Italian, idioms and phrases, ) books, slides, etc. Together we will also learn many important things about italian habits, Italian culture and history, opera and literature.
Ruolo: Tutor
Età: 52
Genere: F
Argomenti insegnati: Inglese, Italiano
Qualificazioni: English for children specific course
Online specific courses in Business English
Masters's Degree in LibrarianShip
Degree in Italian Literature
High school of languages
Lingue parlate: Italiano, Inglese, Francese
Livello di istruzione: Laurea specialistica / Master
Livelli d'insegnamento: Tutti
Prezzo orario (€) min: 9 max: 14
Dettagli su prezzi e pagamenti: Special prices for groups
Orari: fron 8am to 9pm
Nazione: Italy         Stato/Provincia:
Codice postale:
Distanza massima: Solo online o presso il tutor
Modo: Online, Email
Esperienza: 17 years of experience as private teacher.
5 years organising seminar and laboratories
4 years online tutor
Nr. anni esperienza: 22
Occupazione attuale: Tutor Online
Motivo per insegnare: Lavoro principale
Disponibile per un contratto: Si
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