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Maths PhD student offers maths, Italian, and English lessons online

I`m a PhD student in Maths at the University of York, UK, and a native Italian speaker with a strong passion for teaching. I have been working as a Maths tutor to school and university students and adult learners since 2012, and in 2019 I started teaching Italian.

My aim is to help my students to gain confidence in their studies and to develop the ability to solve Maths related problems independently.

I base my Italian and English lessons on practice so that the students can gain more confidence, especially with listening and speaking, while strengthening the basic grammar knowledge. During the lesson, I like to create conversations aimed at practising oral comprehension and production.

As to my Maths lessons, I strongly believe that everyone can understand Maths and be good at it, but each student has different needs and learns in a different way and at a different pace. That is why my aim is to make the students find their own method to understand Maths so that they can become independent in their study.

For this reason, I organise my lessons so that the students can think of how to solve exercises while I guide them to the solution rather than tell them what to do step by step. That way, they develop the method they need to understand Maths and I can adapt better to their learning needs.
Ruolo: Tutor
Età: 32
Genere: F
Argomenti insegnati: Matematica, Algebra, Equazioni differenziali, Calcolo matematico, Inglese, Trigonometraia, Matematica - altri argomenti, Italiano
Qualificazioni: PhD in Mathematics, University of York (UK)
Master's degree in Mathematics, Università degli Studi Roma Tre (Italy)
Undergraduate degree in Mathematics, Università degli Studi Roma Tre (Italy)
IELTS Academic, Overall score 7.5
Lingue parlate: Italiano, Inglese
Livello di istruzione: Dottorato
Livelli d'insegnamento: Scuola media, Scuola Superiore, Università
Prezzo orario (€) min: 11 max: 32
Dettagli su prezzi e pagamenti: The fees depend on the subject and the level Maths secondary school/Adults- 25€/h, University Maths- 30€/h Italian/English- 15€/h
Orari: I have flexible availability.
Nazione: United Kingdom         Stato/Provincia:
Codice postale: YO24 3BR
Distanza massima: Solo online o presso il tutor
Modo: Online
Esperienza: I have almost 10 years of experience with one-to-one Maths tutoring to students from any level of education, and I work as a seminar leader in modules taught in my university department.
Since January 2018, I volunteer at the City of York Council as a teaching assistant in a Maths course aimed at small groups of people who want to obtain Maths qualifications.
I am an Italian native speaker, and I have been teaching Italian for two years now.
I have been living in the UK for 4 years. I use English every day both in an academic environment and in casual conversation.
I have friends from all over the world, and I'm used to talking to people with different accents who need to improve their skills.
I would be happy to help anyone who wants to practise and improve conversation skills. I can also offer help with grammar.
Nr. anni esperienza: 10
Occupazione attuale: Tutor Online
Motivo per insegnare: Lavoro principale
Disponibile per un contratto: Si
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